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Weew-Waaw, Thai to English, Thai to Russian transcription
I'm working on a project of rule-based Thai transcription: (the link is temporarily unavailable)
Technically, it is written in F# with a C# front-end.
I would be happy to get acquainted with those who are experienced with NLP (Natural Language Processing), just ping me in the SE chat. :-)

comment Resynchronize Audio to Video
Nice trick, thanks a lot!
comment Resynchronize Audio to Video
@KvdLingen Thanks, but it will not work. Markers are tied to project's timeline, not to individual Events.
comment Resynchronize Audio to Video
@altarvic Thanks for a suggestion. Please consider turning your comment into an answer so that others can upvote it; just make sure you notice that Vegasaur is a separate commercial product.
comment Entire Track Velocity in Sony Vegas
That's a very clever trick, thanks. Can I find it somewhere in the docs? I worry about the quality of video/audio rendering, e.g. would it lose any quality if the first project has source video samples assigned -5% velocity and then the wrapper project has +5% velocity.
comment How to automatically synchronize two recordings of the same event?
There's no silver bullet, I think. If you have video, you may set anchor points at sharp movements, and align tracks by those points. However, if the recording suffers jitter, and jitter is non-deterministic (random), it makes synchronization more difficult.