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comment adobe premiere cc / picture in picture / editing video shape by its corners removed?
Yup, the way it works now is that the footage scales around its anchor point (the circle in the middle) So you'll have to scale then move, or change the anchor point then scale. AFAICT there is no tool that does both at once like AE has.
comment How to force Adobe Media Encoder to use 100% CPU and memory?
try ffmpeg. The payoff for having to learn how to use it is that it is way faster than any proprietary (software) media encoder I've ever used.
comment Simple way to downscale from 1080p@60 to 1080i@60
@ScottJamesWalter Actually 60i is not just twice the frame rate of 30p, the 60 in 60i refers to fields, not frames. To put it another way, 60i is twice the frame rate of 30p half the vertical resolution.
comment Is GoPro “Cam_Raw” a true RAW image format?
I wouldn't say that h.264 id a format "of choice" for editing packages. While it is a great delivery codec it isn't a good choice for editing.
comment Time code audio tracks in NLE?
I'm going to download it just for the blast from the past that is hearing LTC again!
comment Display Contents Outside of Composition Boundary?
You know what, I've just found out that guide layers don't show up in nested comps. You'd have to make it a normal layer and turn it off before render time. I'll edit my answer.
comment Defining animation once, then repeating across a selection of shapes in a cascading manner?
another trick to sequence layers a custom amount is to hit "[" with them all selected to line them up to the same start point, then set their end point to the amount of offset you want between each one (move the playhead to that point and hit alt/option-"]"). Then from the menu or right-click choose Animation>Animation Assistant>Sequence Layers. Choose no overlap and they will sequence one after another. Now go to the end of the comp and hit "]" to extend them all to the end again. Sounds complicated but only involves three or four keystrokes and a couple of mouse clicks.
comment After Effects Opacity behaving differently from Photoshop?
Yep, it's definitely the layer style, and precomping is the solution.
comment Zooming in on one layer in After Effects
You could zoom the pre-comp without making it 3D and adding a camera; that would make it even simpler.
comment After Effects rendering a video at base 99, but outputs as a 60 one
You realise that if you output it at 100fps it won't be slow-mo, it will be real time, don't you? You make it slow mo by changing the frame rate, for example taking a 10 second 100fps video and playing it back at a quarter of its speed gives you a 40 second 25fps video.
comment How can I mix a video in Full HD (1920 x 1080) with a vid in HD (1280 x 720)
Ampliated sounds bad, but it's not actually a word in English.
comment Any way to change properties of subcomp based on parent comp?
Oh, I get it. Sounds like a job for scripting.
comment Find/replace duplicate comps?
This sounds like a good challenge.
comment Reducing the size of content within a composition in After Effects
Well maybe not less complex, but pre-comping has other side-effects. This script just changes the size of your comp without changing the comp's structure or any relationship between layers. Other than that it's pretty much the same amount of work. AFAIK it actually does it by creating a null, parenting everything to that null, scaling the null and then unparenting.
comment Graphic music visualizer without after effects?
@AJHenderson Jahshaka seems to be a bit of a dead project.
comment Best way to stabilize footage?
especially weird is the combination of rolling shutter + motion stabilisation in post, giving the effect that everything is randomly stretchign like jelly.
comment h264 settings for large flat areas of slowly changing colour
thanks, but it's probably not the limitations of the 8-bit output. Banding occurs with gradients. These are flat areas of colour, with every pixel the same value. The compression is introducing the banding as the the pixels change in time.
comment Are there any good video editing programs with a command line interface?
I think it's source-code only for windows. But for mac users it's available via hombrew (>brew install mlt).
comment restart encoding with ffmpeg when bad source
could you pipe stderr to another process that kills and restarts ffmpeg if it detects the "invalid, clipping" comment?
comment How did cameramen manually focus in the film days?
Telecine is for transferring film to video, it has nothing to do with the video split on film cameras. Basically a video split (aka video assist) is just a small video camera focused on the ground glass screen in the camera's viewfinder.