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comment Tool to transcode Canon PF24 MTS files to native 24p?
Thanks for your answer, I will give it a try, though unfortunately it seems this tool does not read .mts files but QuickTime files, which will add an additional step to the process. But if it works well, I guess I'll live with it!
comment Exam Question - end-to-end delay from video capture to video playout
You are not considering reordering of MPEG frames, I think.
comment What is a good efficient way to isolate clips from long movies?
The documentation for ffmpeg is at It looks like you should put the -ss option before the -i as that does a direct seek into the start position. The format of -ss and -t can be in seconds or
comment Does the M4V file type have direct support for Audio?
No problem. Guess what, this is NOT a container file, you have a raw H.264 elementary stream. Your vendor was right, that file format cannot hold audio. You may want to suggest that they use a different extension for these files, I've seen .avc and .h264 used for this format. Also, you may be able to generate a .mp4 from he m4v and the aac using ffmpeg, if ffmpeg is smart enough to recognize the m4v file as an elementary stream.
comment Does the M4V file type have direct support for Audio?
Download the XVI32 hex editor from Then unzip to any folder (it does not come with an installer). Then double click XVI32.exe, select File|Open and then choose one of your .m4v files. Take a screenshot of the application window and paste it on your question. I'll take a look and tell you what it is.
comment Does the M4V file type have direct support for Audio?
Are you on Windows, Mac or Linux? I can give you specific instructions for your OS to inspect the file if you want.