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...is interested in Art & Technology and the blend between the two.
Currently dabs with creative coding tools (Processing/MaxMSP/OpenFrameworks/Arduino/Kinect/etc.), enjoys scripting apps(Illustrator/Flash/After Effects/C4D/Blender) and has a lot of experience with actionscript.
Works on interesting projects at Hirsch&Mann,Technology Will Save Us and as a teaching assistant for the Adaptive Architecture and Computation course at The Bartlett,UCL.

Studie(s)d Creative Computing at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Studie(s)d Adaptive Architecture & Computation at The Bartlett/UCL
Rarely posts on vimeo,blog, flickr and github.
...and yes, he thinks writing at the 3rd person is a bit odd..

comment Traditional animation techniques and 30fps software animation?
Thanks for the explanations Ken, pretty interesting stuff ! :)
comment Traditional animation techniques and 30fps software animation?
Pretty thorough answer Jim, thanks! I thought about 'getting away' with less frames...24/2 = 12 (the minimum amount of frames needed for the eye to perceive continuous motion) - is that plausible ?
comment Matching a camera in a 3D scene based on a photo
@InanBerbatov I've got several. The only catch in my situation is the resolution/quality as some images come from a compact camera and most of the others from an IP camera
comment cross platform software to convert video to image sequence
Thanks, I'll have look. The main purpose is to have this software running on the average user's machine. I'll have look to see if I can bundle it and put a minimal gui on top.
comment Adobe After Effects vs. Final Cut Express for chroma keying
have a look at Mocha for After Effects (it ships with it)