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comment What are the options for manipulating video in live situation? Kinda like a VJ
From Wikipedia " In addition, a number of Max-like programs exist which share the same concept of visual programming in realtime such as Quartz Composer (by Apple) and vvvv which are both focusing on realtime video synthesis and processing. Pure Data also remains in widespread use.
comment Hardsubbing ASS onto MPEG4
I can point the way, but I can't explain the technique - I used to do this a looooooooooooooong time ago. Try checking this out. The concept is taking the video OUT from the MKV conteiner and then hardcode it.
comment What is the best way to capture PC footage?
What is the footage from the Desktop PC? If it's just the desktop, CAMTASIA will do the work. If it's a game, like Skyrim, you'll need something more specific. Are you trying to capture with a second computer? Or the computer that is running the software is the same recording?