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comment How to live stream 4 cameras to a flat screen TV
If the splitter is HDMI/SDI, it should look perfect as everything is staying digital. Just make sure your security cams actually have HD-SDI output. Don't expect miracles though, security cameras, even "1080p" ones often look awful, even though they do output a 1080p image.
comment How to live stream 4 cameras to a flat screen TV
Couldn't fit the answer fully in the comments, but: The rule of gargabe in, garbage out, applies here. If the input into the splitter is only a 480p analog signal, the output isn't going to be any better quality than that original 480p signal. An SDI to HDMI converter won't improve quality at all, it will just take whatever the SDI input is and convert it to HDMI, that's all.
comment Is it possible to find a webcam with large aperture?
The Canon T3i only output 480p via HDMI when in video mode, so whilst it will work, you're better off getting a proper camera (DSLR or a camcorder/video camera) with what they call 'clean HDMI output'.
comment How to make a video of an iPad (or other tablet) screen
The finger isn't that important, is it? If anything, the finger/hand gets in the way of seeing what's on the screen. Plus the quality of a capture via HDMI will look perfect, 1:1 copy - where as you've found with a video camera, there's so many variables that can change the quality.