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comment Video codec for progressive enhancement
@stib I think that would require me to actually make such a codec. Math is hard. :-) Although, I could probably actually implement it in MJPEG since MJPEG already does the heavy lifting...
comment Video codec for progressive enhancement
@stib Segmentation would be used, similar to how it is used in HLS, so that a few seconds of video would be encoded in each chunk. You're right, each chunk of each quality stream would have to be downloaded to decode the desired quality for that chunk of time. And, the client would automatically adjust between downloading 1, 2, or 3 chunks per segment as it has bandwidth to do so. For HLS, the client decides which bitrate chunk to download, somewhat dynamically. This would be the same, except that there's 3 requests for the high quality stream instead of one.
comment Netflix encoding system - MAPLE
You might consider using AWS' transcoding service. I'm not sure if it's as parallelized as MAPLE, but it is very fast. Perhaps it's fast enough as-is for your use case?
comment An easy way to create videos for YouTube from mp3 files
This is a piece of cake for FFMPEG.
comment What could be causing these strange MP4 video playback corruptions on some machines?
Does the problem go away when a keyframe pops up? I've seen this quite a bit, always due to video corruption. The problem should go away on the next keyframe. If it doesn't, something else is likely wrong.
comment How can I put a camera with a standard tripod point on my head?
At least use gaff tape, so you can easily peel it off later.
comment Recording streaming video from my computer
I thought WebEx offered a download copy once the conference was finished?
comment Best Digital recorder for use as a ‘body pack’ + good field recorder?
I use a Zoom H4n for other purposes, but have been very happy with the quality.
comment Is there an easy method for detecting or marking the actual sample frequency?
@Kim, so he is playing something back while recording? Very odd. what kind of hardware set up is he using? I'm assuming he is recording on the same box as playing back? If he has multiple audio interfaces hacked together with something like ASIO4ALL, then sync issues can occur with no external sync. Other than that, I'm fairly stumped. Sorry I can't be of more help!
comment Is there an easy method for detecting or marking the actual sample frequency?
@Kim, thanks for clarifying. Again, if he is playing back one of your tracks while recording, it won't be an issue, as the playback/record clock come from the exact same internal clock source. If he records against nothing, and you record against nothing, and then you try to merge the files, you will get trouble.
comment How can internal software clip the 'From Software' channel on my Apogee Duet?
This is correct. Remember that your software has no way of knowing if it goes over the maximum value... just if it hits that maximum value, because that is the maximum value. 0dB in this case is clipping.