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It's impossible to maintain the original quality when you upload a video to youtube since youtube reencodes all videos. For a detailed explanation of why it does that, check my answer here. To minimise quality loss, export your video with a high bitrate.


This is because youtube uses its own compression. When you upload, that videos is a compressed mp4 or wmv ,quicktime or something. Youtube's process compress it much more. You lose details in the corners of your movie. You lose many data when a frame makes a decent change comparing to the previous frame. And even lose quality on very dark regions and very ...


It probably wouldn't hurt to double check with them, but it doesn't seem like it would be an issue. It sounds like their main concern is they don't want people selling other people's content. Since you are the rights holder of the videos you are linking to, there should probably be no problem there. From a practical perspective, Youtube still gets their ...


Youtube generally reencodes all videos you upload to youtube to ensure compatibility across various platforms and to provide smaller versions of the videos for users with slow internet connections. So yes, both the video and the audio stream of your video file will be compressed and reencoded when you upload it. If someone uses a third party tool to download ...

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