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No, one offending video won't taint your entire channel. At my workplace, sometimes the youtube algorithms will mistakenly flag some music to which we own the rights as copyright protected. When such an event occurs, the video is automatically un-monetized, and we are asked to demonstrate that we have rights to the music. The video still plays, we just ...


Processing can do it, if you're not afraid of Java. There's a demonstration processing sketch that comes included with the application that does a frequency spectrum bar graph. It's relatively easy to save the output of a processing sketch to a video file. And it's free.


You have two main options I can see, first one is to take a look at Open Broadcaster Software Project. This project is free and open source and is targeted at individuals trying to stream primarily, but it does have good support for both a video capture device and a screen capture. I believe it is possible to configure a shortcut key for swapping sources ...


Not that I know of (does not mean its not out there), this would be very easy to do in Post production and since you have to pull the video of the camera card to upload it anyway just drop it in in post and keep the camera audio playing over it.

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