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here watch this video, here in settings there are different languages in which you may select of your choice.


There are already good answers. But let me share what not to do. Too often than not there is something poisoning our videos. We have so much to say, but the video should be less than x minutes. As a result we squeeze as much as possible into this precious time. We don't even realize how indigestive the video has become, because we are too much into the ...


There could be any number of factors as to why people quit watching a video, but if you want to entice them to stick around, there are a few tricks. Yes, "content is king," but CONTEXT is arguably queen— and let's be honest, who really rules the castle? That is to say— even if your content is great, if you aren't getting it to the right audience, it won't ...


Try just changing the container to avi rather than transcoding, which seems to work better for youtube: ffmpeg -i JSP.ogv -vcodec copy -acodec copy JSP.avi

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