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Sooner or later you have to look at your video and make choices. A term of the art is to "create video selects". And the organizational technique used in Premiere Pro is called a "stacked timeline" or a "pancake timeline"(with more details explained here). But to ease into these (and answer your question)... You absolutely need to go through your footage ...


Just finished working with exact same sort of footage. I never got that issue. Update Premiere CC. Start a new project from scratch. Import one R3D file and create a sequence from it. See what happens. Create a new project in another editing program, one that can read R3D footage. Create brand new sequence, see what happens. Try this solution: ...


Not sure I get it, but have you considered exporting an XML of your Premiere timeline? Import that XML in the program you plan to use to do your editing (hopefully it can handle it), do you edit, export a new XML, import it in Premiere and finish your film there. No need to replace or export individual clips, which is time-consuming and error-prone. ...


Why not convert your original clip to uncompressed AVI, and then render and replace will "do the right thing".

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