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Use the overlay filter: ffmpeg -loop 1 -i image.jpg -i overlay.mp4 -filter_complex \ "overlay=main_w-overlay_w:main_h-overlay_h:shortest=1" output.mp4


I'd recommended the the Sony Vegas Suite. It's paid but offers what you are looking for.


In addition to the other answers, I use Hitfilm 3 Express, which is free here. It's actually very easy to use and isn't export limited like the free version of Lightworks. Plus if you decide at some point you want the more advanced features of the Pro version you can buy them piecemeal in packs for like $10-$25 rather than shelling out $300 for the full ...


As someone else mentioned, Windows Movie Maker is a free option that would fit most of your needs. However, if you don't mind paying a little bit for your software, I'd recommend Adobe Premiere Elements. It's a super-simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro that should be able to do everything you're asking for.


I've not used it, but Microsoft makes Microsoft Movie Maker. It might meet your needs. There are also some open source video editors you might have luck with: ShotCut - http://www.shotcut.org - kind of new, might be buggy Blender - http://www.blender.org - it's a 3D modelling app with video editing capabilities Lightworks - http://www.lwks.com - there's ...


Adobe warp stabilizer, Mercalli pro, Mocha AE, Vegas Stablize, these are all either part of the NLE or separate plugins that work to stabilize a shot. In my experience, Mercalli is by far the best, and has simple options that you can customize depending on the type of stabilization. With that in mind, I've found its really important to shoot at a higher ...


.MOV is a container format, not a video format. As such it can contain media in any number of 'tracks' of audio, video, subtitles etc. In particular, video tracks may use any supported codec, not just Apple-specific ones. It's very common to see H264 encoded video in a MOV file, and H264 is widely supported on Apple, Windows and Linux platforms. So if you ...

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