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Yes, it's possible. What you need to do is demux and remux. Check out free tools like VirtualDub and Any Video Converter to split the original into separate streams, add what you want using Audacity or similar, then re-multiplex them together using a tool like AviMux. The video can remain unchanged.


Speech Detection with Adobe Premiere You haven't mentioned what NLE you use to edit, however here is a method you can use to transcribe if you are using Adobe CS4 or later. This method uses speech detection to automatically transcribe videos - a feature brought in with CS4. It then adds the the text into the metadata of the file. Analyze speech to ...


Public domain material isn't subject to any restrictions -- legally you can do anything you like with it. It would be respectful (but not required) to honor the intent of the material and not distort its meaning, and to credit the source.


oTranscribe Web App I've tried using oTranscribe with some success. It let's you input a local media file or a YouTube link. And it also works off-line. (!) For a free web app I think it's quite decent: Hotkey for timestamp insertion: CTRL+J Clicking a timestamp jumps to that moment. Hotkey for rewind: F1 (or CTRL+1) Hotkey for fast-forward: F2 (or ...


Well, no need to worry about. Transcribing footage is something very easy now-these-days. What you have to make sure is that just write down all your audio in chronological order and he time codes of when each section begins and ends. Try to include punctuation and how phrases are expressed, so your are as close to the video as possible. If you are seriously ...


Both Apple Logic can separate the audio from an .mp4 file for editing and then bounce a new audio track back to a video file without changing the video at all. Pro Tools can do similar but I can't remember if it does mp4 or not.

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