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After Effects CS5.5 has the Warp Stabilizer (also check the video on the main Adobe After Effects site).


Sounds like thoses apps aren't respecting the Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) flag. Widescreen DVD movies aren't usually made of more pixels, they have a setting in the metadata telling the player to stretch the pixels from squares into rectangles to make the picture look right. VLC is reading the PAR flag and playing the pixels back in their correct aspect ...


To achieve the same thing I'm using Avisynth instead as an input: Download and install Avisynth. Install latest Quicktime 7. Download Quicktime Import plugin for Avisynth and copy dll file in the Avisynth plugin folder. Create Avisynth script file that describes you video as detailed in the Avisynth Getting Started, for example: ...


That looks like a software error. Your best bet would probably be to get a clean version of VirtualDub and retry the steps to enable .MOV support. Alternatively, you could also convert the .MOV to another format such as jpg sequence.


There is a mirror for the plugin used below: And an alternative plugin based on ffmpeg :


The built-in stabilizer in Vegas Pro is very convenient, but some may still want to use Deshaker because it is more flexible. It is available as an FX plug-in for Vegas Pro: Some people report having problems getting the plug-in to work, and continue to use the very handy ...

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