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Probably better suited for Stackoverflow but I think its still a valid question for this SE. Producing theora(ogg) versions of your videos is actually redundant. Any browser version supporting ogg is also supporting webm. For questions like these I recommend using caniuse.com. If you compare webm with ogg you quickly see that you cover the same browser ...


I would try cleaning the playheads (there are special tapes you can put in for cleaning) and/or checking the playback speed. Those are the two most common causes of that issue on my GL2.


Not all video formats use square pixels. In this case, the pixel's are oval (anamorphic wide screen). This comes indirectly from the film days when anamorphic lenses would condense a wide screen image on to a narrower strip of film. The same concept was later applied to squeeze wide screen videos in to video formats that wouldn't normally support them. ...


Somewhat of an duplicate of: Can I manually change an .mp4 to .m4v by changing the extension in the Finder (mac) or explorer (win)? MP4 and M4V are essentially exact same thing, M4V is usually used for video only files but some sofware is using it for standard MP4 files with video AND audio aswell. It's just a convention to signal the type of content. An ...

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