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No, you cannot, and this is a good thing for privacy reasons. Using the YouTube Data API v3 you can get general statistics for a list of videos as part of a contentDetails structure: "statistics": { "viewCount": unsigned long, "likeCount": unsigned long, "dislikeCount": unsigned long, "favoriteCount": unsigned long, "commentCount": ...


I've been using handbrake to convert my videos and have been very successful.


Ok one thing to note is the resolution of the video. Most 700mb torrents are not full HD. most are 720p or if they are 1080p they are in h.265 Assuming resolution is 1080p you can go from 2 gb to about 1gb without a huge drop in quality. The big issue becomes with the type of movie. Movies with a lower (smaller) color palette will degrade quicker because ...

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