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As far as deinterlacing: With a good deinterlacer (QTGMC, or at least ffmpeg's yadif=3,mcdeint=2), you can get smooth video at 60000/1001 (NTSC) fps. If your source has quick motions that you'd like to look smooth, even in slo-mo, then deinterlace 640x480i60 -> 640x480p60. If you really need small files, you can drop every other frame of the deinterlaced ...


IDK how well this would work. Prob. not at all for vids with differing GOPs, but you could try using something to mirror your keystrokes to multiple windows. Autohotkey can do that on Windows. On GNU/Linux, Terminator can send keystrokes to multiple gnome-terminal tabs at once, so you could control mplayer that way (since it reads the tty as well as ...

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