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If you actually plan to follow through with getting into video editing then I would fork out a few bucks to get Adobe After Effects, currently it costs $20/month. It is relatively cheap and there are thousands of amazing (and free) AE tutorials on YouTube.


I've been making YouTube videos for 8 years. At first I was using iMovie, which came free with my Mac laptop. It's a solid piece of basic editing software. I did very precise editing, added music, transitions, and some special effects on about 300 videos with it. (They're on YouTube.com/CreatedByBrett if you want to see the quality.) But you're using ...


There's no way to do this losslessly, other than setting a meta-data flag and depending on players to rotate the video. (This is what cell-phone cameras do). With avconv / ffmpeg, what you're doing is using your decoded -> transposed video as a source to encode with x264. See https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/H.264 for how to do this. IDK where you ...


"Raw" ususally refers to uncompressed video (though this is technically wrong), meaning you probably have a very large file. Rendering is the process of re-encoding the video using another codec, usually to reduce file-size while maintaining a decent enough video quality. The reason that .mp4-files with the H264-codec are widely used is that they offer a ...

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