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I used to get stuck with this problem. I finally solved it by changing the "video playback settings" from "the sequence settings" in the "sequence" menu. The default resolution is 1920 x 1080. I changed it to 640 x 360, and after that playback was always 100% smooth, even while using a mixture of .mts and .mvi full HD files, with contrast and brightness ...


mpv has very good real-time scrubbing using the mouse on the on-screen controls. It also has seek-while-paused, and accurate-seek (decode-from-prev-keyframe) for seeking backward by 1sec. Also frame-step backward and forward. (controls: , and .). It also has an A/B loop keybind, where you can easily get it looping over a part of the video. So basically ...


FFmpeg's drawtext filter can burn timecodes into frames. edit: I misread the docs before. I saw the timecode option to the filter, and missed seeing that there was a pts available for text expansion. See the edit history for the longer-and-less-useful answer. I eventually got around to trying it, and here's the command line I cobbled together from ...


Video editing software usually DOES come with this ability. After Effects, Premiere, Vegas, etc, all support doing this very simply. Some of them add their own time code rather than time code from meta, so you may have to adjust the start point to match your actual time code, but the end result should still be the same. For example, in Premiere, the ...


Virtualdub is very good software. Maybe it not cover all the requirements. And it's not exactly "visual" managed as the other, but it'd good and very flexible


Have a look into the new Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 11 lite, they have added NLE to the colour correction tool. it is free but it does need a minimum screen size of 1920*1080 or larger to use


First off there would be Lightworks, which is free with some limitations. It's a pure abomination and needs a lot of learning an rethinking if you're used to usual NLE software. Then, what most people don't think of, there would be Blender. Actually a 3D rendering software, but also a very good, free/open source video editor. Like all software, it has a ...

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