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Camera raw sounds like it is effectively similar to RAW because it is describing the light data without any corrections. What comes in on the sensor is written out, but it does sound like it may be applying the filter, just using a mix of 1:1:1 for the color resolution. It's theoretically possible to work backwards from this to the full colors, but you may ...


I believe the GoPro Hero 4 records in the h.264 format which is contained inside the MP4 Format. This codec is a Compression format and dependant on the recording bitrates. h.264 is a universally accepted format that Allows for very large files to be compressed with minimal loss to the original content. The compression is dependant on the bitrate used; the ...


It's the effect of using an anamorphic lens which squashes the image horizontally to fit a wide-screen image on conventional 35mm film. The image is then un-squashed by a similar lens on the projector when the film is screened (or by computer after the film is scanned in a digital post production environment). Bokeh appears elliptical because the front of ...


This is likely the result of using an anamorphic lens: http://www.red.com/learn/red-101/anamorphic-lenses From the page: Standard Bokeh Anamorphic Bokeh

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