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Since Adobe CS5 XDCAM files are supported natively. To see if something's wrong, make sure the folder structure is the same as on the SXS Card, open up the Sony Clip Browser and try to load up the files - this should work immediately. If you can't see the files, there must be an encoding error or the files are corrupted.


Hope this explanation is what you're looking for: When you transcode to an encoding such as H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10) you necessarily also resample the video, that's part of H.264 compression technique. Nontheless, I doubt if this is the reason you experience a timing gap since the resampling doesn't necessarily influence the clock rate of the media. So, I ...


A lot of these answers seem somewhat misleading unfortunately. Forget about getting a capture card. Practically every one has AGC. AGC is very similar to macrovision, except it's superimposed onto any video source. It's impossible to disable unless you use Linux and know your way around hacking drivers. Some cards on Windows have third party tools to ...

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