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Unfortunately due to patent/licensing issues1, MP4 playback is not supported natively in all browsers. That's where file format redundancy comes into play; if one file format is not able to be natively loaded by a system a backup version may be able to work. I have found that certain browsers will be able to run files encoded with the .webm container using ...


BTW, this question might be better on stackoverflow, or maybe unix.stackexchange, or maybe serverfault. This site is I think less focused on questions that don't involve decisions based on creative merit or at least perceptual video / audio quality. However, I'm all about the tech details, so I'll answer. FFmpeg uses multi-threading by default, so you ...


libtheora is single threaded. There is a multithreaded experimental build, but is not maintained. I would suggest running it in parallel with the other encodes. Also if possible use libfdk-aac over libfaac. Much higher audio fidelity at the same bitrate.

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