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In addition to SoloShot, another product to consider may be TecNec ITP-1 In The Picture - Robotic Camera Panhead Ref:


High-end sports productions have cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom their way to tracking a golf ball when driven 300+ yards off a tee. Such systems are well beyond the budgets of typical user groups. A system called SoloShot costs less than $1000, and might have the spatial resolution needed for your application. Recording in 4K gives you a 2:1 ...


I take it you are looking for Motion Tracking. Unfortunately, Premiere Pro doesn't have that capability. You'd have to set keyframes for the animation manually, which can be a pain if it needs to be accurate. If you need to do automated Motion Tracking, you could switch to After Effects which comes with that capability (see link above).

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