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I'm not sure about how to set the timecode of the clip from the datestamp of the file but Red Giant have a fantastic plugin called Plural Eyes which does a great job of syncing multiple clips most of the time if the audio is even half decent.


FFmpeg's drawtext filter can burn timecodes into frames. edit: I misread the docs before. I saw the timecode option to the filter, and missed seeing that there was a pts available for text expansion. See the edit history for the longer-and-less-useful answer. I eventually got around to trying it, and here's the command line I cobbled together from ...


Video editing software usually DOES come with this ability. After Effects, Premiere, Vegas, etc, all support doing this very simply. Some of them add their own time code rather than time code from meta, so you may have to adjust the start point to match your actual time code, but the end result should still be the same. For example, in Premiere, the ...

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