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The only other candidate that comes to mind is photographic, as used in the same sense as in Principal Photography. And photography does literally mean the capture of light. Only hitch is that photography in lay use is firmly associated with the capture of still images.


No, there is no BETTER term. But if you really require a DIFFERENT word (for undisclosed reasons), you could perhaps re-define the term "Cinéma vérité". If we had some clue about the motivation for needing a different term, we may have a better idea how to respond.


You don't need another term. Live Action is the accepted term for differentiation between, well, live action film and other kinds of movies, such as animation/3D films. It's also used consistently for this purpose, e.g. the Oscars use it in their category names: Short Film (Animated) Short Film (Live Action) Conversely, I have never seen this term ...

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