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You don't need another term. Live Action is the accepted term for differentiation between, well, live action film and other kinds of movies, such as animation/3D films. It's also used consistently for this purpose, e.g. the Oscars use it in their category names: Short Film (Animated) Short Film (Live Action) Conversely, I have never seen this term ...


I can't cite any authority, but the term I've used and heard most often is handles. It's not just used for live shots, but refers to any trimmable material that allows for transition points to be adjusted, etc. In your example I'd say "this clip requires 10-frame handles".


WMV is really just another name for ASF. That format, like many multimedia formats, contains its data in pieces of various types. Some formats call these packets, some call them segments. ASF, like RIFF before it, calls them chunks. There are several types of chunks, the main one being the data chunk, which holds the encoded streams. There may be several ...


The only other candidate that comes to mind is photographic, as used in the same sense as in Principal Photography. And photography does literally mean the capture of light. Only hitch is that photography in lay use is firmly associated with the capture of still images.


I have heard the term padding but don't know if it's a standardized term From The Art of The Edit: To allow time for a good transition, instruct your talent to fix a gaze on the camera for two seconds before and several seconds after a narration. A quick, sideways glance for approval, a swallow or a lick of the lips before or after speaking may be ...

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