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This might even be more on-topic at English.SE, but as far as I'm concerned that's definitely called an epilogue. From Wikipedia: In many documentaries and biopics, the epilogue is text-based, explaining what happened to the subjects after the events covered in the film.


You may be referring to a "teaser" or "pre-cap". These are clips of upcoming shows designed to pique your interest and remind you of an upcoming episode. An ordinary teaser usually runs separately from the program, where (what we always called) pre-caps are teasers that run at or near the closing credits for an episode -- as in "Next time on XXX..." If ...


I am not aware of any particular term for showing the schedule. It's just a schedule of upcoming programs and may include playing teasers or previews, which are the video clips to promote upcoming shows. It could also be referred to as filler since it is content that is run while the credits are going (which they have to display) but want to fill it with ...

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