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In addition to @Mulvya answer I will suggest to use not Flash, but After Effects for animation, if possible. Then you will be able to make Dynamic Link to your AE project. Than will be easier to jump between applications. But when you work with animation, you deferentially need to have voiceover first. Like in cartoon development.


If the audio is primary and the visuals convey or complement the narration, then record the audio first. Use the audio timings to guide the pacing of your animations - if some demo takes longer than its oral exposition, the music should fill in there. But you can't really avoid the step where some sentences need individual adjustment or some animations need ...


I am on Premiere CC 2015, which has its own PluralEyes equivalent for synchronizing audio under the "Merge" function. (I think it was also on CC 2014 but I am not sure what version originated audio sync functionality.) Select your two clips in your bin and merge them (it's under "Clip"). In the menu, under "Synchronize Point" choose "Audio" and make sure ...

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