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Yes, that should work. Be sure you adjust your interface for the lowest latency without audio dropouts. You will need to measure and compensate for the latency in your audio interface. Once you know the latency value, you can easily adjust the A/V sync in the video editor. Good luck!


We use Red Giant's PluralEyes software to achieve this task. This software is one of our most important tools and we love it. It makes the sync between a lots of video clips and a lots of different audio tracks a really really easy tasks. You just drop your videos there and then your audios, press sync button and it syncs all automagically! Also it creates a ...


You could try processing the audio first to get it to the same speed as the video playback. Using (for example) Audacity you can apply a speed change of -0.1% (1000/1001) which is very likely the amount you're drifting by. You can change the rate without changing pitch, but if you can tolerate the very slight pitch shift you'll get slightly better results by ...

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