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IME, 0.0036% is rather better than average. Consumer gear operates on quite inexpensive crystal oscillators. These oscillators or crystals are not tuned precisely (or they would cost too much), and they don't have extraordinary stability over temperature ranges. Professional gear uses special techniques to keep audio and video gear in synchronization. ...


Syncing video tracks by correlating the audio was the original application called "PluralEyes". The functionality was incorporated in to higher-end video NLE apps as mentioned here previously. But the original app is still available and being improved. Ref:


This sounds like a perfect candidate for using multi-camera editing. You can automagically synch all the clips using their audio, and turn them into a multicam source, which lets you edit from the multiple synched cameras quickly and easily. How to do it in premiere: Select your clips in the Project panel. Then, right-click the selected clips and choose ...


Premiere and FCP-X both have auto-sync features to get multiple audio and video clips synced together. Chances are very good that you can get your first video clip to align with the audio clip automatically. You might then be able to incrementally sync each additional clip with the audio clip, one at a time. I'm pretty sure neither program would do ...


Create a timeline from the master audio track, then drop the video clips one by one onto a matching video track using the native sound from those clips as a guide to line them up with the good audio. Then mute or delete the audio from the clips.

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