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After a bit of googling for 'paywall upstream' I came across this link. http://publisher.tinypass.com/guide/archives/tipstrick/any-ovp it might work for you


It depends on the level of protection you want, but no, there isn't really a good way to do it with Wordpress. You can paywall a portion of your Wordpress site, but a live stream isn't going to go over HTTP, it is going to run over an RTMP stream or something similar. Paywalling your Wordpress site will make people pay to find out the name of the RTMP ...


One of the best resources you will find for this is probably the Matterhorn documentation itself. The Capture Agent Hardware page has samples of hardware that was used at a number of schools that have implemented capture agents for Matterhorn. It appears that the Epiphan VGA2USB is the near universal standard for VGA capture. There seems to be a wider ...


if you just want a plain rtmp-stream you might look at nginx-rtmp module which looks quite easier to setup than crtmpserver. just a general suggestion: h.264 compression is a bit cpu-intensive, so if your server is more powerful than your notebook and the server to notebook-connection is good, it might be an idea to stream just "plain frames" with nearly no ...


bandwith is the only expensive thing in this setup. Setting up a streamingserver like wowaza or nginx and stream the data there is no big deal. but if you expect a greater amount of viewers you might think of a "small cdn" setup to distribute it. since you wrote it's for a charity I would suggest to ask some companies for a sponsoring or special rates.

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