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Since bandwidth is fixed, first step to maximize quality is to full use that bandwidth so bitrate should be set to that number. Frame rate will make a modest difference, once a fixed bitrate is specified, since typically x264 places keyframes 250 frames apart and so all or most frames in a random second are delta frames, so leave that between 24 to 30. For ...


I believe that can be achieved with ffprobe. You can see example of getting json format from it here


I would get as far away from EE as possible. Using the x264 tool, and mp4box, you can convert and segment out the files which are ready to be streamed to any dash compatible players. Especially since you mentioned using batch scripts, this is a great solution I think. This is a good guide: ...


A hardware encoder will produce video with less CPU usage. However, it will require a higher bitrate to achieve the same quality image.


I'm not familiar with that specific device, but I can answer a resounding YES to the question of "does having a dedicated h264 encoding chip help?". With a proper hardware device you can either let it run totally solo (preconfigured with settings and then just connected to the network) or you can connect it to your laptop to command and control it, but it ...

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