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It is approximately 11GB per hour, though I do tend to round up a bit when I make my calculations. Digital Rebellion has a handy Video Space Calculator on their website (also available as an iOS app). You can select the format, frame rate, and video length.


Personally, I use a 12 TB RAID array composed of 5 3TB drives. If any one of them fails, I don't lose any data, but if 2 or more fail at the same time, I am up a creak. Other plans can consist of RAID 6, which allows for 2 drives to fail, but at the cost of two drives worth of storage capacity rather than one (so 5 3TB drives would only give you 9TB of ...


Don't trust any hard drive to be reliable! Always backup your footage, you can not trust any HDD, doesn't matter how reputable the manufacturer is. There are always monday batches. HDDs WILL fail at some point, so ALWAYS make backups. Bear in mind that you might find a RAID solution nice to use but that's not a real backup, backup drives are disconnected and ...


mini DV is already digital format. The bitrate is 25Mbps. So, 1 hour occupies approximately 11 Gigabytes

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