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I don't have any indication from your post as to what subject matter you are recording and how much experience you have with video production. I'm going to assume that you are recording live action and from a distance. The best you can do is put the camera on a tripod as close to the action as you safely can, zoom it wide as possible, and keep the camera as ...


Motion 5 has more robust image stabilization tools. But ultimately, this issue is best fixed when you're shooting, not in post-production.


Because software stabilization methods cannot compensate for the shifting parallax of a shaking lens, they will always produce less than ideal results. In my experience, FCPX's stabilization is just as good as other software packages (I have experience with Shake and After Effects as well), and they all basically work the same way. This is probably not the ...


A super simple solution for physical stabilization is the GoPro Floaty Backdoor. It's a square piece of foam that goes on the back of the case. You naturally hold your head stable so just bite into the foam and hold it in your teeth. The best part is that it leaves both hands free.


I would like to add that any software that can track points can be used for stabilisation. Biggest problem with software stabilisation is that you loose part of your frame. Personally i just use my 3d trackers solution as stabilisation datasource because its by far the best solver i have. I would recommend physical stabilisation. For consumers the best way ...


There is also Prodrenalin - PC based standalone tool for GoPro videos, includes stabilization and other features


Software that I know of: Virtualdub with Deshaker plugin: http://www.guthspot.se/video/deshaker.htm Sony Vegas Pro since version 10 has a built-in stabilization plugin Depan for Avisynth - http://avisynth.org.ru/depan/depan.html - it can get quite complicated but there are sample scripts to help getting started. Youtube can detect if the footage is ...

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