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It's never a bad idea to have resolution and bit depth to spare during post but if you don't need the extras -- higher bit depth for cleaner effects / color grading, higher res for crop and blowup and so on -- then you can reduce the originals to the final output values with no loss of fidelity.


The only workaround I know of is to: Speed up the footage by the desired amount (in this case 4X) Render the clip. Import the clip Repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied. This isn't ideal as repetitively rendering the clip repeatedly is fairly time consuming.


With consumer targeted software, there is less of a standard of how to do things. For professional software, there are pretty standardized workflows that editors follow and so tools are pretty similar. For beginner software, while the basic concepts are still similar, the way in which they simplify them is not. The end results that are possible are still ...

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