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I believe that can be achieved with ffprobe. You can see example of getting json format from it here


If you are really adventurous why not give Blender a go? It is a 3D animation and compositing/tracking application. It is completely free and open (FLOSS) as well as being totally system agnostic. Run on Windows 32bit or 64 bit, MacOS 32 or 64 bit and Linux 32 or 64bit. The video editor is rather novel and a bit rudimentary but is supported by a large ...


All of these seem to be simple circle mattes, you just need an editing system that allows you to generate a circle mask that has an animatable position. You will need 3 pieces of media: 1- the original footage 2- the new actor to go in the circle (or a neutral shot) 3- the moving circle mask You will need to animate the circle to follow the original ...

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