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With consumer targeted software, there is less of a standard of how to do things. For professional software, there are pretty standardized workflows that editors follow and so tools are pretty similar. For beginner software, while the basic concepts are still similar, the way in which they simplify them is not. The end results that are possible are still ...


If you actually plan to follow through with getting into video editing then I would fork out a few bucks to get Adobe After Effects, currently it costs $20/month. It is relatively cheap and there are thousands of amazing (and free) AE tutorials on YouTube.


I've been making YouTube videos for 8 years. At first I was using iMovie, which came free with my Mac laptop. It's a solid piece of basic editing software. I did very precise editing, added music, transitions, and some special effects on about 300 videos with it. (They're on YouTube.com/CreatedByBrett if you want to see the quality.) But you're using ...

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