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Take a look at Blender or Lightworks (both free). You can import footage and add text or shapes (simple one with Lightworks) to it.


Natron does this. It is a pretty new open source node-based compositing software which is multi platform. The developers have been very quick to put something which is already impressive. If you know Nuke, you should get up and running pretty quickly. Another compositing software which is free but not open source is Blackmagic Fusion. They bought eyeon ...


I haven't used VLC as my primary player since 2007. I switched over initially to KMPlayer and then Potplayer. Potplayer allows fairly flexible splitter and codec assignment for decoding. It also sports a whole host of video and audio processing filters. In fact, I believe that one can use Avisynth filters to process the video during playback, too.

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