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You could always try PluralEyes by red giant as long as there is some sound it should work, I don't know what your footage is so its a bit hard to say. PP should work fine same for FCPX. I normally put them all in my timelines in FCPX export to Pluraleyes do the sync then back into FCPX, baring in mind most of the time mine is between 2-4 cameras tho


How about ScreenFlow from http://www.telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm? I'm using it right now, but don't know you like it or not or any other software that has good features than this.


Virtualdub is very good software. Maybe it not cover all the requirements. And it's not exactly "visual" managed as the other, but it'd good and very flexible


Have a look into the new Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 11 lite, they have added NLE to the colour correction tool. it is free but it does need a minimum screen size of 1920*1080 or larger to use


First off there would be Lightworks, which is free with some limitations. It's a pure abomination and needs a lot of learning an rethinking if you're used to usual NLE software. Then, what most people don't think of, there would be Blender. Actually a 3D rendering software, but also a very good, free/open source video editor. Like all software, it has a ...


IDK how well this would work. Prob. not at all for vids with differing GOPs, but you could try using something to mirror your keystrokes to multiple windows. Autohotkey can do that on Windows. On GNU/Linux, Terminator can send keystrokes to multiple gnome-terminal tabs at once, so you could control mplayer that way (since it reads the tty as well as ...


You could do this by making subtitles from your data streams and then either playing them back on a media player that can display subtitles, or rendering them into the video. Most subtitle formats are very simple ascii files — to demonstrate, here's an srt subtitle file: 1 00:00:01,046 --> 00:00:02,540 This is my home. 2 00:00:03,560 --> ...


From the ffmpeg docs ffmpeg -i LEFT -i RIGHT -filter_complex framepack=sbs OUTPUT framepack only works with 2 inputs, but you could merge 3 with a more complex filtergraph. sbs means side-by-side. This doesn't correct for perspective or handle the overlap or anything else needed for it to look good, and the word "panorama" doesn't appear in the ffmpeg ...

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