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There is a 30 free trail available for after effects, You could use this software to do what you need, the output will still have to be encoded (windows movie maker will Main page Trial page


Maybe someone will chime in with an app suggestion that directly fulfills your need, but here's a temporary workaround - a bit convoluted, but should work. Create two folders A and B. Set folder A as the destination folder in the encoder. Apply a suffix to all the output files being generated, something innocuous like ENC e.g. Clip2015-09-25-23232-ENC.mov ...


It is possible in almost any video=editing software. If you are using Windows and you do not have much experience in video editing, than you can make it Windows Movie Maker. It is free and simple for beginners.


If you want to save time and learning efforts, and you can live with limited control over the end result, you may want to have a look at: muvee Reveal Magix Fastcut GoPro Studio Sony Action Cam Movie Creator The later two are for free.


I see that you have some Java experience from your profile. You could use Processing, a Java framework used to teach artists and designers programming and geared toward creating animation, video, graphics, and the like. There are many examples on the site that demonstrate basic animation, displaying images, etc. processing.org


You could try stop-motion. Basically your taking a pic of the bus everytime you move it on the map, then putting it together as a sequence in your editing program. Bout the only free way I can think of


If you use the Windows operating system, you have the option to the movie maker. But if you use the Apple OSX operating system, you can use Final Cut. It's also important to say that the Adobe package, which includes After Effects and Premiere, also runs on both operating systems commented - Windows and OSX.

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