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You could do this by making subtitles from your data streams and then either playing them back on a media player that can display subtitles, or rendering them into the video. Most subtitle formats are very simple ascii files — to demonstrate, here's an srt subtitle file: 1 00:00:01,046 --> 00:00:02,540 This is my home. 2 00:00:03,560 --> ...


First off there would be Lightworks, which is free with some limitations. It's a pure abomination and needs a lot of learning an rethinking if you're used to usual NLE software. Then, what most people don't think of, there would be Blender. Actually a 3D rendering software, but also a very good, free/open source video editor. Like all software, it has a ...


Virtualdub is very good software. Maybe it not cover all the requirements. And it's not exactly "visual" managed as the other, but it'd good and very flexible


Have a look into the new Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 11 lite, they have added NLE to the colour correction tool. it is free but it does need a minimum screen size of 1920*1080 or larger to use


From the ffmpeg docs ffmpeg -i LEFT -i RIGHT -filter_complex framepack=sbs OUTPUT framepack only works with 2 inputs, but you could merge 3 with a more complex filtergraph. sbs means side-by-side. This doesn't correct for perspective or handle the overlap or anything else needed for it to look good, and the word "panorama" doesn't appear in the ffmpeg ...

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