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This requires a repetitive motion and good lighting. You expose the position of the droplet on successive oscillation, but capture it at a slightly different spot on each. Thinking about it from the perspective of a ball bouncing. On the first photo, I take a quick photo of the ball on the ground. The ball bounces up and then back down. I then take a ...


There are a few things to consider. The MP4 spec was not designed for the playback of high frame rate files, because the files are highly compressed, and limited to using a single core for decompression. Even if you had 12 cores, the file would not decompress any faster. The easiest way to solve your issue is to either encode the MP4 into another codec, or ...


I think you're out of luck. Official specs say 30fps max, and I can't find any documentation of a possible hack. http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Nikon-Products/Product/Digital-SLR-Cameras/25478/D5100.html The most widely distributed slow-mo camera is probably the iPhone 5s-- I bet you could borrow one to play around with.


While it is true that 720p video only has about half the data of a 1080p feed, the other thing you have to realize is that when you push the system beyond it's limit, it may spend a lot of time trying to process frames that it doesn't finish in time. Depending on how the player is configured, it may give up and try to catch up rather than finish rendering ...

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