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The problem I think you are seeing is not because of the difference in framerate directly because this is inperceptable but how it is displayed. You need to enable vsync to stop tearing and then it should play smoothly.


I've found 2 useful references: LEVIN, A., ZOMET, A., PELEG, S., AND WEISS, Y. 2004. Seamless image stitching in the gradient domain. In European Conference on Computer Vision, 377–389. and PÉREZ, P., GANGNET, M., AND BLAKE, A. 2003. Poisson image editing. ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ’03), 313– 318.


There are two main concepts that I think are key here. The first is learning about signal paths and what the functions of each piece of equipment does along the way. The second is understanding the signals themselves and how they work. In video, this can be particularly important since many signals are actually the same on different cables. In both ...

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