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You need a few simple things to do this: a camera a large piece of glass or plexiglass dry erase markers editing software capable of basic transform controls Record your actor writing on the glass. To the camera, the writing will appear backwards. Use your editing software to flip the image horizontally. The writing will now appear normal*. Most ...


This is basic film making, you would do this in multiple takes. Take your wide shot running the whole scene you want with this shot Take you scene back to the start point, adjust the camera to the new shot and run through the scene again Rinse and repeat until you have all the shots needed to make your scene. You would/should have already made a shot ...


Both RED and Alexa cameras offer this feature, and the Sound Devices PIX 240i reads it. But nowhere on the Internet is there any documentation that your SONY camera offers this feature. Either SONY doesn't have it, or they greatly need to improve their documentation.

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