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When I was first looking for a good portable camera, the LX100 was on the top of the list. When looking at research, the LX100 provides great IQ (at 4k) in a good compact device for the price. If you have not already looked at these sites, I would suggest looking up TheCameraStore review on YouTube, CameraLabs, Dpreview, and EOSHD. LX100 does also have ...


Don't shoot handheld and don't use a phone. Baring that, use stabilization such as a steadicam or steadicam jr (if using a tripod really isn't an option), use lots of well controlled lighting (phone cameras suck at low light) and plan your shots out very carefully. Use external audio recording rather than the phone's built in mic and do a lot of grading ...


The big issue when shooting with phones is not the resolution, it's the dynamic range. Your videos will have low contrast and the colors won't be very vivid. Although I've never seen reviews of the Nokia 808, I imagine it also suffers from noise in low light conditions. To fix the issues with contrast and color, run your footage through a color correction ...


getting a steadi-cam for the mobile phone can make a difference, they are not that expensive from the likes of eBay or Amazon and can take the hand shake out. if there is something particular that you are trying to achieve, maybe you could explain it a bit more with maybe a few images or example of what your getting and what you want

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