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What you are talking about is upscaling and any current HDTV will do upscaling automatically. Upscaling doesn't work miracles though, it will only make it so that the lower quality signal can be watched on a higher quality display. It just multiplies the pixels so that a 720 by 480 (.9 pixel compressed) signal for example doesn't end up only taking up 1/4 ...


The cabling is likely your problem. The composite cables you're using (red, yellow, white) will only move analog signal from the set top box to the TV. Likewise with RG59 or RG6 (coaxial). While both varieties of cables there are technically capable of passing digital signals (they don't care... they're just dumb cables), set top boxes typically only ...


The following resources show how to load a Bolex H-16 camera: Instructional video for loading a Bolex (4 mins, Vimeo.com) PDF of the manual (see page 13 - "Feeding the film into-the camera by hand") You can also find instructions on loading this camera in the American Cinematographer Manual.


After a long time of messing aroung I got it to work by tricking the software into thinking it was actually in the default location it likes at 'C:\Program Files\Adobe' by creating directory junctions. In order for it to work the hard drive must be formatted with the NTFS filesystem. I used http://code.google.com/p/symlinker/ to create the directory ...

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