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Unfortunately there is no perfect or exact answer. Your question topic mentions HD-SDI, which is a digital signal. Those tends to degrade 'cliff-wise', unlike analog signals where degradation is gradual. It will partly depend on the quality of the receiving device -- whether or not, or how well, it can capture the signal as the eye pattern turns to mush. ...


For amateur events, SDI may be overkill compared to using simple Component. The key for long runs is to separate the various components so that they don't degrade. There is a similar question here about long distance runs. As for HDMI to SDI, there should be no quality loss compared to HDMI as both are digital formats supporting full uncompressed HD ...


I found this rack mount device called DVEO D-Streamer IP/DIG. One of DVEO's press relises announced $4000 price for the device. Inputs: HTTP Live (HLS), UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, RTMP (Open Flash), MMS. Output: SD/HD-SDI.

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