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tracks show two different sampling rates. (...) Can anyone explain what this means? I always thought one audio track can only have one sampling rate. Is this just a different way of describing one sampling rate? MediaInfo reports what is played by a decoder, depending of its capabilities: - if your decoder is able to play an HE-AAC stream, the stream ...


I suspect that your MediaInfo parser is mis-reporting. Sampling rates are usually described both in terms of frequency and bit depth. It is quite common to have 48kHz at 24 bits. I suspect that whoever wrote the printf statements producing the above output meant to say "bits" not "KHz" after the "/".


It does not make sense to speak of the size of an encoded frame in an inter-coded video stream, which is typical of MPEG-X videos. I-frames are self-contained but P- and B- frames are predicted frames and the final decoded result uses data from various inputs. On the other hand, the size of a single Group of Pictures (GOP) may be a meaningful measure. The ...

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