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The best program that runs on the CPU is Open Broadcaster Software. It can be complicated to use, but there are plenty of online tutorials and it uses almost no processing power. You can change the settings to get the file size you want by adjusting the bitrate, quality, and resolution. If you have an Nvidia GTX GPU, the best option would be Geforce ...


None. If you want low CPU/GPU usage and small file size, you need a hardware encoder. Period, end of story. Games are CPU/GPU intensive and video compression is also exceedingly demanding on CPU/GPU. Programs like FRAPS capture video smoothly by postponing the compression until later and instead save video as very large, minimally compressed files. This ...


Free: Fraps Commercial: Movavi Game Recorder As for the output video format - choose H.264 in MP4 container. This provides a better quality and a small file size

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