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I work as an assistant editor on feature films, and use ffmpeg all the time, primarily for two purposes: Transcoding files to be uploaded for producers to view on digital dailies systems (Dax, PIX, etc). I've written up shell scripts that accept property-of and recipient strings as command line input, along with target bitrate, and then generate the ...


You can use AtomicParsley to parse the metadata of a MP4-file. For example AtomicParsley /path/to.mp4 -T 1 will print the whole atom tree.


I'm not sure whether ProRes supports alpha channels... It seems to work for me, using the Animation codec with "Millions of Colors+". I'm on a Mac using Adobe CC. Here are the steps I took: Export your AE comp using Quicktime Animation codec with Millions of Colors+ selected. Import the file into Premiere CC Right click on your footage and select ...

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