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What's happening here is two things: 1)your video is portrait but stored as a landscape matrix and ffmpeg is applying autorotate so that all players natively display it in what ffmpeg thinks is the correct orientation. 2) the video has a PAL DV aspect ratio of ~1.09, so after the autorotation and aspect ratio correction, 568 x 320 is autorotated to 320 x ...


Crop filter is not designed to change orientation, use another filter to change orientation of cropped video.


MPEG-2 doesn't seem to be an officially sanctioned codec for the Quicktime container. The official specification has a section related to MPEG-1 in MOV but not MPEG-2. The US Library of Congress also does not have an entry for the subtype MPEG-2 in MOV, like it does for MPEG-1 (just called QTV_MPEG). So, there's no official word on "allowable alternative ...

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