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You can encode to Theora video and Vorbis audio with ffmpeg if it has been compiled with --enable-libtheora and --enable-libvorbis. Depending on your ffmpeg version the default settings may not provide good enough quality. Therefore you must add some additional parameters to enable a constant quality type of mode for the video. Theora video Adjust video ...


Fixed by updating FFMpeg to newer version


I've answered a similar question some time ago. YouTube added a few codecs since then but all the info there still applys: What codec will my Youtube uploads be output in and what codec should I use to upload? Short answer: Yes if you are concerned about maximum quality a lossless codec or visually lossless codec is the way to go. Re-encoding always means ...


Ok, now that I'm home I think I see what you are noticing. That is just an error with the block transitioning from black to white. You can either slow down the fade or increase the keyframe frequency. H.264 works by storing only certain frames and then storing the change in-between. It breaks the image in to sections to analyse and so you can see if you ...

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