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With your budget, I would suggest investing in a few basic lights and decent audio recording equipment. While a second camera is nice to have, creating production value with the non-picture parts of your films will make them a lot better. If you need to get second or third angle, just move the camera for a closeup and re-run the scene. Sure, it may take ...


This was shot with a Phantom HD camera. It's a special high-speed digital camera that can shoot at up to 1,500 fps (which is what the creators say they were shooting at). So he's likely the tech who setup this camera rig.


I've never heard the terms On-line and Off-line editing used for audio. In the video world, off-line editing is a term used for the editing process, whereby you edit your footage (often compressed) and then export and EDl for the On-line editor to do the final assembly with higher quality picture, maybe adding titles and some transitions and color ...


A phantom tech is someone who basically operates the high speed camera. Everything from initial set up to shooting to transfer of footage. The camera itself is quite complex, so it requires a little bit of knowledge, and tons of experience as it really is nothing like any other camera, with that said, the footage is incredible


My process is always to start from the recording media, move the files from recording media to a 12TB external RAID5 array with a utility that verifies the integrity of the transfer. This is my long term working archive. While I don't do this at this time, I'd recommend making periodic off-site backups of this array (either to a cloned array or to tape) ...


There isn't really a good answer to that. There isn't a whole lot you can do with a fixed shot and making adjustments on a live shot is always a danger of being distracting, even when controlling it by hand as an experienced operator. Making adjustments via a Pan Tilt Unit while the camera is live is going to be anything but smooth and will be very ...

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