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A graphic like this would have most likely been made using Adobe After Effects. The style of this graphic is a mix of Kinetic Typography and Infographics. Googling around you can find tutorials on creating infographics and kinetic typographic videos. Though as a warning, generally creating a video like this takes a number of days for an experienced user.


If you have a Mac, download "Cam Twist." It offers reasonable live keying, and it can even put you as picture in picture. If you use the right browser, I.e. Firefox with the Google Hangouts plugin necessary for hangouts, "Camtwist" will just be an option in the list of cameras. Download it here.


Video is not directly going to handle your needs. What you need is real presentation software. Power Point is a giant joke in the industry because it is horrible. Media sequencers and real presentation software are able to deal with your situation by playing back images, video, audio and text at will. I mostly use software designed for churches for this ...


What you are looking for is called a Screen Capture program or Screen Cast program. A quick Google search turned up gtk-recordMyDesktop as an option that should work for your purposes and appears to be built in to Ubuntu. This was the site I found that explained more detail on how it is used. I personally have no experience working with Ubuntu, let alone ...


Depending on your needs, it might be as simple as using the drivers that come with your system. I know that certain NVidia cards can make multiple video outputs appear as one single screen to Windows. In a case like that, it would simply be a matter or properly aligning the projectors (if they can handle the key-stoning themselves) A lens might be able to ...


Whether you do this in Powerpoint, Flash, or After Effects, it's still going to require a bit of prep work to get all the elements ready. I don't know what your skill level and experience is at this kind of thing, so please excuse me if I'm saying things you already know, but it may be best to carefully storyboard the entire thing then collect all the assets ...


I think you would like to take a look at this free online presentation editor: Prezi.com It might not give you results as "fancy" as in your provided video sample but you might be satisfied by it's simplicity of constructing your presentations in a dynamic way. Here is some presentation sample to check it out if still wondering before signing up.

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