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Jeremy's opacity method will work, but if you want to do it with transitions, just make a gap between the adjacent clips, apply the transitions to each clip separately and then trim them back together.


I am unclear on what you are asking. So you have 2 clips on your timeline and you want to have clip 1 dissolve but only halfway? That's your opacity. So just click on your clip in the timeline (next to the clip name I believe there's a twirly) and you should be able to select motion, or opacity. Click opacity. Then adjust it with keyframes. Then go to your ...


The root of the issue might be your footage. If you have high amplitude shakes in your video the stabilizer will try to stabilize those as well. That can result in such issues. Try different settings, the default values don't work with every type of camera motion.


I think this could be to do with "color space". I've had similar issues with exporting videos from After Effects. Exporting using "REC 709" Color space usually gives me the colours I expect. You can read more about how Adobe handle different Color spaces here: ...


It depends on the shutter speed being used on the other camera. If the shutter speed is faster than 1/50th of a second, then shooting at 50fps and discarding every other frame would be the same as shooting at 25fps, but it means that your shutter speed must be faster than 1/50th of a second. If light isn't an issue, then the faster frame rate won't have an ...


Depending what you are exporting for, whether it be later use in Premiere or transfer to another NLE like Final Cut, you can save your footage as an AAF or XML which will keep all the original timeline information unencoded. You will still need access to the original footage for this. This is probably a better solution than exporting with alpha and ...

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