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If your goal is to get better at coloring.. yes keep tinkering. If you want a push button possibility download try SpeedGrade and try some of the preset "Looks". Ultimately, for any auto correction to look exactly like the Picasa one would be a piece of chance. I am by no means a color guru, but I found these resources helpful in some recent projects: ...


Do they playback properly in Premiere before you render? If they playback fine when you export them as uncompressed wav, try exporting them to wav, then import that single wav back into your project, mute the other 3 channels, and then export your single wav and single video.


According to Miraizon support this is a peculiarity in Premiere Pro handling of ProRes that causes it to interact "very inefficiently" with the the codec. There is an update forthcoming but until then they suggested this as a work-around: Move the AppleProResDecoder.qtx from the /Quicktime/QTSystem/ folder to a temp folder. I still get some inconsistencies ...


This kind of data is actually remarkably hard to come by. There are a few industry reports available for thousands of dollars, but the best free resource I could find when I was searching was an informal poll that Dave Dugdale did. It was an imperfect test by his own admission because it allowed both voting up and voting down, but it gives at least some ...


Ignore the tools, understand the techniques first There are a few books I can recommend. Cut by Cut, 2nd edition: Editing Your Film or Video by Gael Chandler Covers all the basics for video editing and more. A wonderful overview of the edit workflow. How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro by Steve Stockman Even ...


We have over 30 video editing suites in our company. The majority currently have Avid Media Composer, and a few using Final Cut Pro. Both of these would be good to learn as they are widely used in video post-production around the world, and rather more commonly than the Adobe products. I believe Media Composer is now available through monthly subscription, ...


Simply double click the Sequence Preview and you get handles to resize the footage and you can drag the footage around in the frame.

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