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You can use Motion to create video that you would import into iMovie. That video could be things like lower thirds, titles, or other graphics with a transparent background, where you place it over other video. But Motion templates you create aren't seen or used by iMovie the way they are in Final Cut Pro.


The technique you are looking for is called "motion tracking". Currently, FCPX doesn't have the ability to do this on its own, but you could use Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects to accomplish what you're after. Motion tracking, in general, follows patterns of pixels as they move around the scene. Depending on the effect you're after, and the demands of ...


I solved my problem using 1) motion tracking and 2) a good picture of an eye. With adobe after effects i managed to track the motion of the problematic iris. The result was a very precise motion path of the iris for the whole video. Great. Then i used a good picture of brown eyes (google images) from which i cropped a circular selection which had "some" ...


You could do this by making subtitles from your data streams and then either playing them back on a media player that can display subtitles, or rendering them into the video. Most subtitle formats are very simple ascii files — to demonstrate, here's an srt subtitle file: 1 00:00:01,046 --> 00:00:02,540 This is my home. 2 00:00:03,560 --> ...

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