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It sounds like you are using your laptop's microphone, and that your main problem is the lack of a quality mic. If you own an iPhone, especially iPhone 5 or later, I would recommend you use the voice recorder app, and email the audio files to yourself using the Share button. The iPhone's microphone is surprisingly good for audio. High end Android phones also ...


Here's a labor intensive solution. http://punkoryan.com/2011/02/08/shooting-360-degree-video-with-four-gopro-hd-hero-cameras Post if you have found another solution. I have some 3 camera video panoramas from the 1980's I want to stitch. thnks chris


the way I do this from my Canon 7D / 100D is pop the CF or SD card into my Mac and copy the whole card to a folder with a very simple structure Project_Name_Date RAW_Cards Camera_Name_Card00x Camera_Name_Card00x If I would add in a DATE Folder under the Poject_Name for multiple days/Dates, When I get back to the studio to start editing ...

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