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Microsoft ICE will do video panoramas on Windows 7 or later. It is a free tool from Microsoft Research and is very good at doing panoramas. As far as amount of overlap, there is no perfect answer. You want as much overlap as you can and as rectilinear of a lens as possible. The more overlap you have, the less correction the software will need to do to ...


You could try if kolor works for you. It's not free but it's made for your exact needs. Check out the gallery for what they did. Or you can do it manually as Adam explains.


I would guess you would need to make a canvas size in your NLE to match the full width of the video ie: 3*1920=5760 with a height of 1080, I would assume this would work as long as your NLE and PC/Mac can handle the throughput of playing 3 videos simultaneously. baring in mind as well, who is going to be able to play this back at this resolution.


To find the pixel dimensions of a layer you can use this expression: layer.sourceRectAtTime(t = time, includeExtents = false) t: the time index, in seconds. A floating-point value. includeExtents: true to include the extents, false otherwise. Extents apply to shape layers only, increasing the size of the layer bounds as necessary. This is ...


it's a vignette. Here's a tutorial on how to do it. If you add a black solid layer to a comp, then feather the edges, and invert the mask, you'll get the basic effect. Beyond that, some people used coloured solids (e.g. just off-black in one colour or another). You can also apply a blur or defocus effect towards the edges of the image, if that's the look ...

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