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It really depends on how much you care about realtime operation. VSTs tend to be used both for production and performance, but with video, because there's so much more processing involved, things tend to be split between production and performance. That being said, for production, After Effects plugins are probably the closest analogy. For performance, ...


Apple Motion will let you create "motion templates" which are usable in FCPX. You can apply 3D transforms with Motion, and publish to Final Cut. This approach is easy to learn, but limited in scope.


The free Copy Image plug-in should work. The plug-in is executed via Edit -> Copy image. As the readme states, The image is copied as an 8bits per channel image. If the active project is 16 or 32bits per channel, downsampling is performed.


There is a plugins folder in your installation directory. Whether you are on mac or a windows machine, all installed plugins are listed there. Search for a tutorial, the manual or some images to identify in which area or viewport it's used.


In that case Adobe After Effects can do this easily, which probably also produced the effect in the video. It's actually the only software where I know you can do this without too much manual labor. Other products usually only offer a timer effect which would be tedious to use for these kind of things. Though if you want to do this based on just a single ...


It is indeed impossible to put a title over a clip inside a multi cam clip... Unless you turn that clip into a compound clip. Then you can add whatever overlay you want to it. So you will have: keyframed clip with crosshair overlay inside a compound clip inside a multicam clip Just right click your the clip inside your multicam clip and choose New ...


In addition to the AfterEffects plug-in API, there's also FxPlug, OpenFX, and AVX plug-ins. FxPlugs often work in real-time because they tend to utilize the GPU. They work in FCPX and Motion. OpenFX plug-ins can work in a variety of hosts (sometimes requiring an adaptor), but as far as I know, they aren't real-time usually. They work in Sony Vegas and I ...

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