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I'd agree with Dr Mayhem's comment that it's risky to have a file with content you don't want public sitting there on your laptop hooked up to a projector. mkvmerge, or another remuxing tool, will be able to chop up your video. I think avidemux might do well for this, since you can use the GUI to find edit points, and it supports remuxing instead of ...


In after effects you simply drag the clip to the new composition button, change composition frame rate to 30, enable time remap on clip, and drag the end time remap keyframe to 2/3rds in. It is cheap if you have after effects downloaded already, which is common.


So you want an output video with the same frames in the same order, but with just the timing changed. No problem. ffmpeg can't do it without transcoding, unfortunately. So you'll need a program that can muck around with the timing info in the container. mkvmerge can do it, and so can MP4Box. I knew I'd seen an answer to this when I googled on it before: ...


Something you could try is to copy the VOB files from the DVD and concatenate them all into one MPEG file, then you can see if the original file is corrupted. Here's how: open your DVD in Finder, and navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder. Inside will be all the DVD files .BUP, IFS and VOB. The VOB files are the video objects, they're what you want. Now find ...

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