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The Matrox graphics card is probably the easiest and most versatile approach. I use the TripleHead2Go, which as you'd assume sends a signal(s) to up to three monitors/projectors. Multiple computers will never stay in sync. I found this out the hard way the night of an event. In terms of software, if you're on OS X check out VDMX. There's a fully functional ...


I changed the file system on the USB stick from FAT32 to NTFS. The video playback works now.


Using three random laptops for this is likely to be problematic. You may find that the players get out of sync fairly quickly. If you require frame-accurate sync (or better) over a video of any length, you usually need a single computer with a triple-headed graphics card (like Matrox) playing a single video comprising all three parts. I don't know Syncplay ...

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