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Blackmagic Design has solutions for this. One is a live H.264 encoder ( https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/h264prorecorder). This is commercial equipment though, so it's going to get expensive fast.


Don't, just don't. File access is your primary problem. You can offset this by using SSDs, but the much more practical solution is to either upgrade to gigabit connectivity between two systems or use high speed external drives to move content captured on one system to the other system and then run the encoding completely distinctly. Capturing footage on a ...


I assume you record video game footage? Recording and rendering on one machine is something I wouldn't recommend with a regular PC if you play modern games that take a lot of your CPU and GPU resources. I usually recommend getting an SSD but in this case it seems you are heavily CPU limited. You could theoretically encode on the GPU but I'm not sure if that ...

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