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Suspending the Thread works on Windows too, not with crtl + z, but in the resource manager, you can also resume it there.


A simple method is to suspend it with ctrl+z (alternatively, see kill command options to do so via PID if you prefer). Then resume with fg command. Unfortunately this will not survive a reboot.


It didn't seem possible as of Sep 30 2015. I would suggest segmenting the source file, encoding the segments and then stitching the resultant files. This isn't a true pause/resume facility but the piecemeal division will allow you to have a break from encoding. A rough overview of the commands to issue: Break the fullfile into parts ffmpeg -i recording....


Recording full screen, if your hardware allows you to do it smoothly, is your best option. You can always crop or mask out unwanted areas later in editing. You won't have that freedom if you crop the input at the time of recording. An exception to this rule of thumb can be made if you're absolutely sure that the area of interest is a portion of the screen at ...

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