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MPEG-2 doesn't seem to be an officially sanctioned codec for the Quicktime container. The official specification has a section related to MPEG-1 in MOV but not MPEG-2. The US Library of Congress also does not have an entry for the subtype MPEG-2 in MOV, like it does for MPEG-1 (just called QTV_MPEG). So, there's no official word on "allowable alternative ...


Strictly speaking, fourcc is the codec ID used by Microsoft. It has been adapted for use with many other formats, thus making it seem like a standardized ID format, but it's not. ffmpeg, in particular, seems to only consider XDCAM standard MPEG2 for inclusion in MOV. From the source code: else if (track->enc->codec_id == AV_CODEC_ID_MPEG2VIDEO) ...


Depending on the container format, multi-channel audio can either be in a single stream or in separate mono streams. Most consumer formats allow both, but it's easier for the end-user to have it in one stream (it can be interleaved PCM audio, or encoded bit-streams as ac3 or aac). Notice that it doesn't prevent to have several multi-channel streams in one ...


No, channels are conjoint, so they are part of a single stream. It is possible, using ffmpeg or similar software, to split channels into distinct streams. In which case, each stream will contain one channel.

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