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Well first off, the C100 Mk I DOES NOT offer an MP4 option, only a AVCHD option. I'm assuming you meant the MKII as you said 'recently bought'. If you look at the specs of the C100 MK II you'll see in MP4 mode you can't record interlaced, but in AVCHD you can (but you don't have to if you are at 28 mbps). So basically you can't go wrong (aka get interlaced ...


Quality wise they are the same AVCHD = great for in-camera editing, and very flexible. Limited compatibility with devices/softare MP4 = great compatibility, can only be edited with external software on computer If you have experience with editing, and your editing software supports avchd then choose that (as you already have done)


Avchd has better audio and MP4 is easier to work with and will play on more devices without transcoding. If you can edit Avchd easily use it. They use the same codec so quality will be about the same(you wouldn't notice it in use)


The ffmpeg build you have uses libx264 compiled for 10-bit. Apparently one can only build with support for either 8-bit OR 10-bit. So, you'll need a build where libx264 supports 8-bit.

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