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Motion graphics is a form of 2d or 3d animation based around moving graphics. It can include such things as moving titles, animated presentations and graphs, animated background (motion backs), whiteboard animations, animated product demonstrations and more. It can range in complexity from relatively simple (such as basic moving titles) to extremely ...


Select the motion keyframes & copy. Now create a new mask on the layer on which you have the stroke effect, any old mask shape will do. Set its mode to none. Now select the mask's Mask Path property and paste. The mask can now be used to provide the path for the stroke effect (it's the first property in the stroke effect). You have to directly select the ...


Not sure how to do this with the stroke effect. But you can use a particle generator set the movement and physics to 0 and link the particle source to the trackpoint. This will generate a stroke of particles, and if you ramp up the amount of particles you can make a solid line.


I went through all the library replicators and found one that used a Randomize behaviour on the cell's Object.Angle Randomness.Angle Randomness. This looks okay. Everything is still kinda moving in sync if you look carefully but things go to different angles more naturally. I think overlaying a couple of these will look about right for my purposes. But I'd ...

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